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In the past few years, courts, advocates and litigants have turned to alternate dispute resolution (ADR) to resolve disputes quickly and cost effectively than traditional litigation process. At BMR Law Offices, we strongly believe that not all disputes need to be resolved with a court trial. There are many instances where some contractual requirements make ADR the only means by which claims can be resolved. Alternative Dispute Resolution has expanded over the last few years and has become an important step in the Dispute Resolution Process. Arbitration is non-judicial legal technique for resolving disputes by referring them to a neutral party for a binding decision, or award. An arbitration award is legally binding on both parties and enforceable in the courts. An arbitrator may consist of a single person or an arbitration board, usually of three members. Arbitration rules state that there can be one or three arbitrators and parties can specify this in an arbitration clause. The areas covered by the practice extend across all avenues including corporate disputes, commercial disputes, regulatory disputes, tax disputes, domestic & international arbitration. Our Dispute Resolution Practice is built on the strength of a team that is not only at the cutting edge of legal knowledge and research skills, but has also mastered the art of advocacy.