Use soft words and hard arguments

In a fastest growing economy like India, there is rapid increase in commercial transactions in the market. As a result, commercial disputes and differences are also significantly increasing. Taking into consideration of cost and effort involved in handling disputes, proper advice from a competent legal team can help in bringing the matter to a logical conclusion effectively. At BMR Law Offices, our specialized lawyers advice our clients in all stages of litigation to help resolve such dispute through various means and procedures. We ensure that our clients are protected from lengthy and time consuming disputes. If the trial is unavoidable, our legal experts are able to support our clients through personalized services to get the favourable outcome. 

Scope of Services: Real estate and property disputes | All contractual matters and conflicts | Breach of non-compete agreements | Antitrust and trade regulation disputes | Breach of non-disclosure agreements | Commercial Frauds and Forgeries | Breach of faith or confidentiality | Master Service Agreements, licensing and franchise litigations | Intellectual property litigations | Breach of employment contracts | Trespass actions, landlord-tenant evictions | Advice and represent at all stages of commercial transactions | Assist and represent on partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures | Assist in operational and regulatory affairs of companies in growing their businesses.