Dispute Resolution

Do not find fault, find a remedy

BMR Law Offices settles disputes between the parties through judicial & extrajudicial process in most effective manner. To avoid costs of routine litigation and also to speed up the resolution we adopt alternate techniques like arbitration, negotiations, conciliation and mediation.

We have successfully handled several cases by administering the dispute resolution processes to bring an end to the complex issues that are inevitable in day-to-day business activities. Regardless of how and where disputes initially arise, our commitment is to resolve them efficiently and economically, in partnership with our clients.

Scope of Services: Corporate commercial disputes | Joint venture and partnership disputes | Contractual disputes | Criminal and fraud matters | White collar crimes and economic offenses | Property and construction related disputes | Technology and business transfer contracts | Intellectual Property disputes | Representation in commercial arbitration | Representation before various statutory authorities and government officials | Assistance in seeking urgent interim reliefs from courts and tribunals.