Compensate and sensible mediation for family disputes

We understand that family relationships are very sensitive and very stressful. At BMR Law Offices, we listen and understand the details of your situation and tailor strategic advice considering your needs to get desired outcome. We not only give legal advice but also provide various available options in achieving your preferred result. For family matters, we strongly believe that court should always be considered the last resort. However, sometimes court cannot be avoided and may prove to be your only option. Whiledoing so, we assist you through the whole process. Our aim is to help you achieve the best possible solutions to protect your family and your future, compensate and sensibly mediate family disputes.

Scope of work: Identifying the real cause of the dispute | Parties are informed about all available legal options | Helps the parties to adopt a problem solving approach to find a “win win” outcome | Exploration of possibilities for reconciliation | Explore the possibility of a peaceful separation   |  Information about rights and obligations of each party towards eachother | Offers a speedy solution, producing a qualitatively superior result.